Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor Pursuits Show

SECC, Glasgow
3-4 March 2018

Hampden Sports Clinic

Hampden Sports Clinic is a multi-disciplinary team of Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Sports Science, Sports Massage, Biomechanics and Health&Fitness specialists. Located inside the National Stadium we have a fully equipped gym and hydrotherapy pool and have been working with professional and recreational sports people as well as non-sporting clients for fifteenyears.

We’re excited to be back at The Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits show again this year. We’re offering a range of complimentary services for everyone attending in addition to Open Clinics where you can stop by for some professional advice and assessment (and win some amazing prizes!);

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Information about each of the clinic

Sports functional movement assessment (15min 1-on-1 sessions)
Movement ability is an often overlooked component of training. Athletes require a strong foundation and a diverse range of athletic qualities in order to tolerate the progressively advanced training loads and competitive demands of their chosen sport. The Sports Functional Movement Assessment is a series of 15 sport-specific exercises used to assess functional movement patterns which are then graded to establish where your training should then be focused. Research has shown that targeted strength training reduces the risk of overuse injuries by 65%. With overuse injuries being the leading cause of time lost from running, cycling and swimming, it is an important assessment tool to ensure you can continue to train and reduce your risk of injury.

SPORTS MASSAGE (10min taster session)
Sports Massage is an invaluable tool to help you reduce muscle tension, aid recovery and increase your range of motion. Our therapist, Lisa Noble will be offering advice and tools gained from years of working with professional athletes to help you assess how Sports Massage can help your performance.

BIOMECHANICS (15min 1-on-1 sessions)
Mhairi Friel is an expert in Biomechanics and Foot/Ankle function and much of her leading edge treatment techniques is based on restoring balance, alignment, posture and function to ensure maximum performance and minimum injury risk.

RUNNERS KNEE/ANKLE CLINIC (15min 1-on-1 sessions)
One of our Run specialist physios will assess any lower limb issue that is hampering your training and ability to achieve your targets. We will diagnose and advise an individual strategy to get you where you want to be.

CYCLIST CLINIC (15min 1-on-1 sessions)
Our staff for this clinic have cycled for places and pleasure. We will carry out a joint assessment and advise on any musculoskeletal strategies to maximise your power and minimise the risk of injury.

POSTURAL CLINIC (15min 1-on-1 sessions) We all accept the concept that body alignment is fundamental to training and performing at your best. How many of us really know how well our own body is set up? Do we know if we’re exercising correctly in form and content? A balanced posture will minimise your risk of injury.

SWIM CLINIC (15min 1-on-1 sessions)
We will carry out a brief upper limb profile and examine your range of motion through shoulders, neck and upper back. This will tell us if/where your imbalances could cause problems. We will then advise on the best stretches and release strategies to maximise your stroke.

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